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Make a video with the power of green screen! Want to create lasting impressions with video content that engages your audience? Generates more traffic, links, followers, and people sharing your videos all over the web? OR Are you looking for a talented team of professionals to manage and crew your next shoot? That will do everything from catering to teleprompting to talent scouting? The Green Screen Studio team gives you the manpower, solutions, creativity and expertise you need to succeed in today’s video driven world.

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Services Offered:

  • Rental with full production crew

  • Rental with production gear

  • Technical direction

  • On-site video editing

  • Corporate video production

  • Green screen photography

  • Animation & Motion Graphics

  • Map & Contact Info:

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    Green Screen Studios
    146 Thirtieth Street, Suite 233
    Toronto, Ontario M8W 3C4
    New Studio Line: (647) 692-4423